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Friday, July 23, 2010

My next step is to stive with my whole heart to honor God with my whole life

If you didn’t know me, would my Facebook page give you the impression that I’m a Christian?
If you met me on the street, would you think I was a Christian?
If someone from church joined a conversation I was having with my non-church friends, would I be embarrassed by my own language or content?

The last two weeks in church, the messages have really hit home for me. In particular, there were two challenges set forth that I feel God is calling me to accept. I feel that as Christians, we love to be content. We’ll find a place that makes us comfortable and we’ll stay there. So instead of allowing myself that opportunity, I am choosing to put my goals out there so that my family and friends can help me to stay committed to completing them.

The first challenge that I am taking on is to be a full-time Christian. The message on July 4 at Journey of Faith talked about how we can leave two lives: our church life and our life in the real world. It’s easy for me to start swearing or have inappropriate conversations that I would never have in church. But that’s the nature of the environment I’m in and I slip into it too easily! I need to live my life for God all the time, not just when it’s convenient or easy. When I go to school, am I being a witness for God with my life? Or do my friends that that I’m the perfect example of why they don’t want to be a Christian… a hypocrite… the very reason they think Christians are idiots… I want to be an example. Someone who’s life speaks God’s message without me needing to explicitly minister to those around me. So that someone can be lead to a relationship with Christ.

On July 12, we talked about how non-Christians view our relationship with God. Does the world think that God’s a fool for loving a bunch of hypocrites who keep abusing his love? I know that I’ve had the thought that God will forgive me instead of just stopping whatever it is that I know is wrong. The example used in the message was Hosea. Hosea married and adulterous woman and loved her, giving her everything she needed and having a family with her. But she left him… not only that, she sold herself into prostitution. That had to hurt Hosea! But you know what? He bought her back! The people in Hosea’s neighborhood muse have thought he was some kind of love struck moron! I mean, what a fool! That’s just asking for trouble! But think about it…. Isn’t that exactly what God has done for me? I sell myself into the traps and lures of the world around me, but God still seeks me out and takes me back. Man, if I didn’t know better, I’d probably think God was as foolish as Hosea. I completely abuse His love. I just expect that He’ll take me back no matter what I do instead of trying to lead a life that would honor God.

And that’s exactly what we talked about on July 18. I have to be humble enough to realize that I’m not nearly as good as I think I am. More often than not, I look at my downfalls and try to justify them by finding someone I can use to say, “Well, at least I’m not as bad as ______.” But what does that do? NOTHING! I need to be able to admit that I am not who I need to be and be willing to make it a priority to move toward that ideal self. I know I can’t be perfect, but I can strive to honor God with my life.

SO here are my goals:
*Be a full-time Christian
*Instead of being content where I am, strive to move forward
*Be humble
*Live a life that would honor God

I ask that you help keep my goals and challenge you to take your next step in your relationship with Christ. If you need to talk, I am always here. Just shoot me a message.

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